14 April 2014,

The other day I had the pleasure of a company wanting to respond to a tender.

During our discussion it became clear that the service the company offers didn’t quite meet all the requirements.


The question that came to mind is Bid or No Bid.


The pros and cons
  1. A lot of time is required to be invested – Con
  2. Use the tender as an exercise in learning the tender process – Pro
  3. Use the questions / responses as a way to create the collateral required to tender for next time – Pro
  4. When the tender lost – use the loss review as a way to start the relationship – Pro and Con
  5. Work out what gaps need to be filled for the next time – Pro


Win Win Tendering recommendations:
  1. Use the tender questions as an exercise in getting the company setup to respond to tenders

    What gaps need to be filled

    What gaps need to be filled

  2. Answer the tender questions
  3. Put an action plan in place to resolve the gaps for next time
  4. Don’t Submit the tender


Not every tender is the right tender. There are times to Bid and times to No Bid.

Have you responded to tenders when you didn’t meet all the requirements?

What questions did you think about, before making the decision to bid or the decision to no bid?

Please share your story.

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