10 July 2013,

In today’s world Government organisations and listed corporate companies are required to follow procurement governance when purchasing goods and services. There are guidelines of when they are required to go to tender for those goods and services.

Some of the tenders are closed tenders and are only given to specific companies. Generally these companies are either part of a panel of providers or are seen as trusted advisors.

Tenders that are released to the overall market including tenders that are to become a panel of providers can be found on tender websites. In Australia the main websites are Austender , Tendersearch and Tenderlink[1]. These tenders can be downloaded by any person who would like read them.

Government tenders can be found on each of the state government websites. Most corporate companies will also have a link to their preferred tender site on their web pages.

Whilst being able to download a tender from websites is great, to increase your chance of reaching the negotiation table, it is always best to have a relationship with the tendering company.


[1] Win Win Tendering is not affiliated with any of these companies

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