28 May 2014
28 May 2014,

You have decided to bid on a tender, you have the relationship with the client. You have the experience and knowhow to provide the product or service.

Its all systems go for responding to the tender, but what makes a awesome tender response?

What is going to make your client choose to work with you?

  1. Is it your winning smile?
  2. Is it your ability to sell?
  3. Is it your companies reputation?

Whilst all of these can have a part to play in the sales process. I have found the following three area’s can move tender responses from good to great. Here are 3 tips for a winning tender response

Demonstrating Value

In today’s society companies want value for money.

The question comes to mind what is value?

Value is what your client perceives is value for them. Not everyone sees value in the same way. For most people it can be how much does your product or service:

  1. solve a problem for your client.
  2. add a benefit to your client.

Here is a question for you – Do your tender responses read as a we are good we are great at what we do or do they read as solving a problem or adding benefits to your clients?

TIP: To find out what your client values – look at the selection criteria. Read the tender documents. Look at their website.

Answering all the questions

A lot of tenders have page after page after page of questions to answer. Some questions have multiple parts to it. The easy way to answer the questions is to put in generic answers. However the easy way is not always the best way.

The person who has released the tender has asked the questions for a reason. Sometimes that reason is hard to identify. But there is always a reason.

Answering every question and every part of the question can be the difference between a winning or loosing bid.

TIP: break each question down into manageable chunks and answer each part. Make it easy for the reviewer to find your answers.

Where are the answers?

Its easy for you to attach another document to a tender response and for every question say refer to “our document attached”.

This way of responding is dangerous. Put your client hat on – Imagine if you had 5 documents that you had to review and 3 of them said refer to “document”. I’m not sure about you but I would be wondering is there an easier way of seeing if this company is who I would like to work with.

Then you look at the two tender responses that have the answers to each and every question within the tender response. Then as a reviewer, I can make a judgment call on yes this is a company that is easier to work with. They have provided all the information where I can find it – fast.

The two companies that have provided the answers easier for the reviewers are more likely to get picked for the negotiations.

TIP: the use of different colours or tables for the questions and the responses can help.

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