16 August 2013,

I was chatting with some clients yesterday about the benefits of win/loss reviews. There are a few thoughts on if they are worthwhile or not.

Have a look at this short video Win Loss Review

After finding out if you have been successful in a tender, most people will go straight into delivering the product or service, without thinking about what the client liked / disliked about their proposal. Or will just move onto the next tender with a different client.

The information that can be gold regardless of, if you win or loose, will come from the client in the form of a win/loss review. This is the time that you can ask all the hard questions.

      • How did we stackup against our competitors?
      • Why did you pick the company that you did?
      • What were the contributing factors?
      • What value did you see in our proposal or our competitors proposal?
      • What should we do next time to secure the business?
      • How could I have moved from loss to win?

If you have responded to a tender and not received a win/loss review, my question to you is WHY?

Most companies won’t offer to meet with you, however if you ask. The information received could change your next proposal to be a winner.

So are win/loss reviews worthwhile, the answer is YES if you would like to know more on how your company and your tender responses are perceived.

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